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How Multi Phone Charging Stations for Sports Stadiums Increase Revenue

How Multi Phone Charging Stations for Sports Stadiums Increase Revenue

If you are a CFO, sales director, and you oversee guest services, your job likely entails providing a fantastic fan experience and increasing sales at concessions and in souvenir stores. Did you know that companies that design multi phone charging stations for sports stadiums can help you increase revenue while delighting your guests? In fact, they can even lead to greater ticket sales! 

Think about it: when people are at professional or college sports games, they are busy taking photos, posting images to social media, and texting their friends. As a result, phone batteries can die quickly, and most sports fans also rely on their phones as lifelines to their family members and for emergency situations, just like the rest of us. So when phone batteries start to die, panic sets in, and in some cases, people will even avoid going to games and will opt for watching them on TV so they can stay online in case of a work or family emergency. Therefore, by installing multiple cell phone charging stations throughout a sports stadium, more fans will be encouraged to attend the games knowing they can charge their phones and stay connected to life. 

How Phone Charging Stations Increase Food and Beverage Sales at Sports Stadiums

Dodger Stadium, home to Major League Baseball’s team from Los Angeles, has multiple cell phone charging stations throughout the stadium. Almost all of these are conveniently located in areas where people can still view the field, and near food and beverage vendors. When people are charging their iPhones, tablets or Android devices and watching the game, they will be getting continuous wafts of food coming their way, as well as the smell of beer. This is a huge motivator that gets people to buy concessions. In fact, before Disneyland opens its doors, they spend hours pumping Main Street with the smell of popcorn and cotton candy from hidden vents to encourage people to buy food as soon as they enter the area. When people spend enough time in a place where the sight and smell of food is present, they are more likely to make a purchase–the same logic used by Disneyland applies at ballparks, hockey arenas, and football stadiums. 

Phone Charging Stations can Market to Fans and Collect Valuable Data to Improve Marketing

There are some innovative companies that make custom multi-device cell phone charging stations for stadiums that market to people as they charge their phones. Custom software can interact with touch screens to reveal current deals on food, ticket packages, and souvenirs while people are charging their phones, and the adverts can be programmed to display during halftime or in between innings when people won’t be staring at the field. In addition, surveys can be taken while people wait to charge their phones giving management precious data on what food items people like and dislike, as well as things they would like to see added to menus. People can also give information like their age, gender, family status, income level and how many games they go to each year. Furthermore, fans can be asked who their favorite players are, which player’s jerseys they own, and what types of souvenirs they would like to see in the team’s fan store. Information like this can lead to product development that will help the stadium make more money, while enhancing the fan experience by making them feel like their opinions matter and giving them the ability to keep their mobile devices charged at every game they attend.