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4 Tips for Companies to Find English To Braille Translation Services for Visually Impaired Employees

4 Tips for Companies to Find English To Braille Translation Services for Visually Impaired Employees

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According to a Quara Report, 75 percent of America’s adult blind population are employed and work alongside colleagues who don’t suffer from any visual impairments. In addition, companies are embracing equal opportunity practices at some of the highest rates we’ve seen. Today’s blind and visually impaired members of the workforce range in roles that stretch from executive and directorial seats, to factory work, and from product development to marketing. As a result, investing in English to Braille translation companies is in higher demand as innovative corporations are looking for new and better ways to streamline their internal processes. 

If part of your responsibilities is to research multilingual translation agencies that offer English to Braille services, this article is intended to help you learn how to find the best agency that will be an ideal fit with your internal team and that will provide flawless translations while improving your internal operations. 

  1. Determine the English to Braille Quality Process

Translating English to Braille is a complex process that requires the combination of technology and language experts who have mastered the fluency of Braille. First, make sure the English to Braille translation agency complies with the regulations and standards set forth by the “Americans with Disabilities Act” (ADA). You should also inquire about the actual process of translating English to Braille. The best multilingual translation agencies will have an entire process in translating English to Braille that includes proofreading, printing, binding and delivering the content to the client within the agreed upon time frame, error-free. 

  1. Experience

Having decades of experience in translating English to Braille is a good sign that you have found a capable agency. But a true top player in the industry will excel at translating more than 100 languages and forms of communication. Even though your need revolves around securing English to Braille translation services, knowing that your translation company can translate any language to Braille and vice versa proves they are a true master. And just having the capability to translate interpret more than 100 languages into another proves they are superior.  

  1. Availability

When it comes to internal teams working with English to Braille translation providers, new data and unexpected turns can reveal themselves thus requiring the need for immediate changes to the translation. This is why it is critical you work with an English to Braille translation company that’s available 24/7, 365 days a year. Your business likely doesn’t switch completely off during hours outside of the traditional 9 to 5 framework, and therefore nor should your English to Braille translation agency. Look for one that will work with your team day and night, as needed.

  1. Customer Service and Consistency from your English to Braille Translation Company

The last thing your internal team responsible for working directly with the team at the English to Braille translation agency is talking to multiple people on a single task. Part of offering great customer service and consistency is to have a single project leader who is aware of all tasks involved in the project be the go-to person for updates, questions, posing ideas, and expressing concerns, as well as discussing goals. The English to Braille translation agency should also have the right technology allowing your platforms to integrate with theirs for a smoother, easy process. Tech tools and integration will also help your teams stay aligned and connected so that managing processes and keeping to deadlines can be easier achieved.