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How do You Know You are Getting the Best Solar Panel Warranty?

How do You Know You are Getting the Best Solar Panel Warranty?

If you have decided to invest in solar panels for your home or business, good for you! There are a number of wonderful benefits that range from saving money on your utility bills, to helping mother nature stay green. Solar panels can also keep you protected from power outages that occur from  earthquakes. 

Clearly, when you are buying solar panels, you want high-quality equipment that will offer the best savings, and that is affordable. This means you need to invest with a solar panel company that offers the best solar panel warranty in your ares, and this article is intended to help you identify what truly makes a solar panel warranty great. 

Solar Panel Warranties are Only as Good as the Solar Panel Companies are that Offer them

When you buy a car, it might come with a warranty. This warranty could be on performance, meaning repairs would be covered up to a certain point, or it could mean a total replacement of the vehicle with a new one. And even if the Honda dealership in your town moves or closes its doors, any Honda dealership will honor your warranty. 

But solar panel warranties are very different in how they work. If the company you didn’t buy your solar panels from and that installed them goes out of business, your warranty becomes void. The reason being that if any other solar panel company touches your solar system, the warranty is no longer in good standing. This is why it is crucial to make sure your solar panel company is growing, can show a long history of year-over-year growth, and present their goals in a way that gains your trust that the solar panel company isn’t planning on going out of business or closing up shop anytime soon. So when looking for the best solar panel warranty, look for the best solar panel company that has been in business for at least a decade.

What Should the Best Solar Panel Warranty Cover?

When buying a solar system, make sure your solar panel warranty covers the following: panels, inverters, workmanship, roof, racking and performance guarantee. In some cases, a poorly installed solar panel system can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home’s roof and structural integrity. Make sure your solar panel warranty has your roof covered. These other coverage points are more obvious to most people, but the roof is often overlooked, so be aware. 

How Long Should a Solar panel Warranty be Good for?

There are a number of solar panel companies with warranties that last 10 years. To many people this sounds like a good deal, but really, it isn’t. According to various surveys most reported solar panel problems from homeowners and businesses occur between 12 and 15 years of ownership. Therefore, the nest solar panel warranty will be honored at a minimum of 20 years, and a 25 year warranty on all the above mentioned coverages is a bonus.