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Why an IMG Agency Is a Valuable Investment

Why an IMG Agency Is a Valuable Investment

You are about to take a big leap into a new chapter of your life, and there are a lot of unknowns. You want to get into the best residency program, within the hospital of your choice, and get that letter of recommendation so you can go on to the start of an amazing career in medicine. And if you are like most IMGs, your family is counting on your success in the medical field and invest in helping you secure your future. Thousands of families invest with the best IMG agency to help their medical graduates get the best clinical experience in America. This article will help families understand why an IMG agency is the key to getting the best experience to help jump-start one’s career in medicine. 

IMG Agencies Help Students get Teaching Hospital Letterhead LORS

As an IMG you understand that Letters of Recommendation (LOR) for the specialty you are attempting to enter is the second factor considered by residency program directors when they determine who they should grant residency interviews. LORS are only second to USMLE Step 1 scores. That said, it is understandable that every year hundreds of candidates for U.S. medical residencies work with IMG agencies so they can be mentored by the physicians of their choice, gain valuable experience in the American healthcare system, gain greater confidence, and increase their competitiveness by gaining a variety of  LORS to get the best match.

IMG Agencies Save Students Time to Focus on Other Things

As an international medical graduate, you have a number of things to do before you set off to get the US clinical experience. Aside from getting all your ducks in a row lined up in America such as housing, the local information, and gather info on the hospital, you have lose ends to tie up in your home country with your family. Investing with an IMG agency is ideal because they take on a lot of the grunt work for you so that you have free time to take care of things at home with family before you leave. 

When You Work with an IMG Agency You Get the Best Fit

Finally, and most importantly, when medical graduates work with an IMG agency, they get the best fit for gaining the US clinical experience. A high-quality IMG agency will take all of the things that are important to you, from your career goals to the city you want to live in, to the supervising physician and housing, and set you up to have the best pairing with a program for your residency.