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4 Things to Keep In Mind When Looking for a Boat Accident Lawyer in California

4 Things to Keep In Mind When Looking for a Boat Accident Lawyer in California

The state of California is a paradise for boaters and watercraft enthusiasts. With more than 840 miles of coastline, 3,000 lakes, and more than 600 marinas, California has a lot of boat traffic. The problem is, not all boaters operate in compliance, and some captains even operate illegal charters. If you get injured in a boating accident, or you are injured by a captain due to negligence, you need to contact the best boat accident lawyer California has to offer without delay. A personal injury lawyer is also someone who specializes in representing clients victimized in boating accidents. When searching for a boat accident lawyer, here are four top things to be cognizant of.

  1. How Aggressive is the Boat Accident Lawyer When it Comes to his Client’s Medical Care?

Some boat accident lawyers only focus on monetary compensation, but remember, your wellness is the most important thing. That said, when looking for the best boat accident lawyer Los Angeles has to offer, or a boat accident lawyer in California, ask to see examples of how they helped their injured clients get the best medical care without having to pay a cent. Like a car accident, boating accidents can cause major trauma, and often symptoms that seem minor at first can lead to more severe injuries. This is why you need a proper diagnosis, with the right tests performed, and you need to be seen by the right doctors. In one case a man was injured in a boating accident off Los Angeles on his way to Catalina island due to a negligent captain. At first, he just had neck stiffness and assumed the symptom was minor and would go away. Later the problem progressed to his back, and later he learned he had nerve damage from the accident requiring surgery. Your boat accident lawyer will be able to review your case and ensure you are treated by the right doctors without delay.

  1. Your Boat Accident Lawyer Should Know Maritime Law 

Maritime Law has a structure unique to typical law practiced on the mainland. There are also specific procedures, many of which involve the Coast Guard. The best boat accident lawyer will clearly have advanced knowledge in personal injury law, but also how the law works and applies to those on the sea. In order for you to get the highest possible compensation, your boat accident lawyer will need to combine his advanced knowledge of maritime law with personal injury law. 

  1. Types of Boat Accidents: Your Boat Accident Lawyer Should Cover All of Them

Whether you are injured on your own boat in a collision, you are a passenger on a charter that strikes the ground, a scuba diver injured by a boat with poor safety standards, or you are waterskiing and the driver’s reckless maneuvers cause you to become injured, you should work with a boat accident lawyer that has experience defending case types like yours, and many more as this demonstrates a wide range of experience and knowledge. 

  1. Will Your Boat Accident Lawyer Help You Get Your Yacht or Vessel Fixed?

Whether you own your own yacht, your business depends on the charters you run, or you have a little speed boat that consumes your hobby, you want your vessel fixed under strict quality control measures to ensure a solid job, and you want your boat fixed quickly. If you are unable to use your boat for pleasure, then the quality of your life can be easily impacted. If your business involves a boat, then being out of commission can threaten your livelihood and ability to support your family. While you are undergoing medical treatment make sure your boat accident lawyer will be working to get your boat fixed.