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Five tips for after plastic surgery

Five tips for after plastic surgery

Undergoing plastic surgery is quite an exciting process for people who, for years, have wanted to modify an aspect of their physical body, after completing this type of intervention, convincing results can be achieved as soon as possible. the recovery period ends. However, it is this period where more carelessness and inconveniences can arise, which is why today we will give you five tips for after plastic surgery.


  1. Avoid consuming over-the-counter pain relievers

Logically, after plastic surgery, as well as any procedure that involves making incisions, you will generally feel pain in the places where the incisions were made and also in the anatomical components that were operated on , which is why a health professional may prescribe the use of certain pain relievers to reduce this sensation.

However, it is necessary that you avoid taking medications that have not been prescribed to you, as they can affect the coagulation and healing of the incisions made, in the same way, they can cause constipation and other side effects.


  1. Move in the right measure

After leaving the operating room, you will have to rest for several days, precisely so that the wounds begin to heal and it is possible to start recovery on the right foot, after this period, you will have to carry out certain movements, either in the hospital while you are in the hospital or at home if you are discharged. You do not need to overdo it, just take a light walk to achieve good results.


  1. Wear slightly tight

clothing Compression clothing is a type of garment that has a certain fit, it is used in order to highlight the figure when doing sports, however, some health professionals recommend using them when the recovery is in a convenient state, so that the scars left from the incisions are thinner and smoother, in the same way, this clothing helps reabsorb edema, reduce bruising and inflammation.

Many people who have undergone breast surgery Tijuana have reported that the scars left by the operation are virtually undetectable when wearing these garments at a certain stage of recovery. A true professional technique to help these people!


  1. Do not play sports until you are recovered

Although many want to return to the gym as soon as possible after undergoing plastic surgery, the truth is that all recoveries take time, in that sense, although you do need to move , you should not do it in excess to avoid complications. Similarly, some people who have a shop long robes say that the use of these garments when staying at home during recovery guarantees greater comfort and, therefore, an effective recovery.


  1. Do not smoke

Finally, it is necessary that you do not consume cigarettes during any point of your recovery, since nicotine causes the blood vessels to constrict, which leads to fewer platelets in the wounds, greatly increasing the time it takes until you are fully recovered.

Recovering from an operation is something simple, you just need patience and a good attitude!