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Facial Harmony now at your disposal!

Facial Harmony now at your disposal!

The Egyptian and Greek cultures were the first to consider an idea of beauty, and to make treatments to preserve it, based on bee honey, milk, and natural plants.

Greek mathematicians, for centuries, were investigating the reasons why one person is more pleasing to the eye than another. Then, from the application of geometric laws that govern harmony and balance in proportions, they determined some special measures to know if a face has facial harmony or not.

 Facial harmony and aesthetics, depending on the time, have received several variations, but undoubtedly they are based on symmetrical features, which genetically denote a good immune system and even a greater reproductive potential, which is ultimately the factor that makes a person more attractive, at least visually speaking.

That is, facial harmony is like a kind of visible genetic code, through which we can identify at a glance, which are the most suitable individuals for the reproduction of the species.

This theory may or may not be right, but several studies have shown that both men and women who have a harmonious face attract much more attention and attract more looks than a person who does not. It is not necessary to undergo plastic surgery for this, just turn to specialists who can provide you with a noticeable improvement with a few small modifications. 

How to correct asymmetries that may interfere with facial harmony?

It is natural that there are certain small asymmetries in our face, but this is usually complicated when one eyebrow is much higher than the other, there is some dimorphism in the nose or lips, and even with the lack of one or more teeth.

In fact, teeth particularly affect facial harmony, because it makes the muscles around the jaw and cheeks adapt little by little to the variations due to the lack of teeth that should be in place.

A dentist in Tijuana knows the established parameters so that an individually matched facial harmony can be achieved.

 The application of Botox can also correct asymmetries.

When facial asymmetries occur due to gestures, Botox, also know as Botulinum Toxins, can help to solve the situation, because disabling for a few days the muscle involved in the gesture that triggers the facial asymmetry has the potential to reduce this type of problem remarkably!

In Mexico, these treatments for facial harmony are applied quickly and safely. Botox Tijuana, for example, is one of the most famous for this, with a high experience and without the prices being too high, so that you get the look you want without investing a fortune in it. As in all treatments, if you opt for Botox, it is necessary to always have it done by a physician who is licensed to apply it. In this way it will be possible to avoid injecting another type of substance that may affect the body.

Facial harmony is achievable for you, and without a doubt, you will be able to do it if you travel to Tijuana, where the best health professionals in Mexico are, so you can achieve your dream of a radical change quickly!