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What are the Best Hair Styling Tools for Sun Damaged Hair?

What are the Best Hair Styling Tools for Sun Damaged Hair?

Sun damaged hair happens when one’s hair undergoes prolonged exposure to the sun’s UVA and UV8 rays. This exposure damages the exterior covering of the hair strands called the cuticles. When hair suffers from sun damage it can get brittle, experience discoloration, thin out, get frizziness, and have broken or split ends. Sun damaged hair dries more quickly because it holds less moisture than healthy hair, and the idea is to restore natural moisture to the hair. This is why finding the best hair styling tools for sun damaged hair is so crucial, as it takes a certain set of hair styling tools to prevent further heat damage, and to help restore moisture and keep existing moisture locked in. This article is intended to help women learn how to identify the best hair styling tools for sun damaged hair. 

Ceramic Hair Straightener for Sun Damaged Hair

One of the most popular hair styling tools used by women is a ceramic hair straightener, but finding one ideal for sun damaged hair, and one that will help protect hair from heat damage, can be tricky. A high-quality ceramic hair straightener will be your best choice, and the CERASILK styling iron by Instyler is the perfect option due to its technology, affordable price point, and positive reviews. In fact, it has been called “the healthiest flat iron you will ever use”.

The CERASILK ceramic hair straightener is engineered with woven ceramic covered plates that function as a heat shield to protect hair from heat damage with every pass through the strands. This hair styling tool has micro sub-surface pits that produce hot air pockets with strong, radiant heat that kills direct contact with damaging bare plates therefore resulting in 92 percent less destruction to hair than your average hair straightener.  This hair styling tool also has floating plates strategically aligned to garner ongoing contact with one’s hair for safe, efficient, and faster styling while giving a smooth, soft look and texture. The CERASILK also has beveled edges that allow users to tame flyaways and frizz near the roots while fighting crease lines as women create versatile hairstyles with a single tool designed to work with sun damaged hair, or for hair of all lengths, straight or curly, that’s fine to medium in texture. 

A Good Ionic Hair Dryer is a Great Hair Styling Tool for Sun Damaged Hair

A solid ionic hair dryer with heat control settings is an ideal hair styling tool for users with sun damaged hair. Look for an ionic hair dryer that allows users to customize the ion levels and heat that come out to help restore sun damaged hair along with hair care products. Being able to customize the heat setting and power allows each user to personalize the hair styling tool for their unique hair needs. But what other benefits should you look for? Make sure the ionic hair dryer you choose weighs less than 14 oz but still has the power of a full-sized, heavy model. The best hair styling tools companies engineer ionic hair dryers with high-compression turbine fans and a powerful motor, while still keeping the device lightweight to help fight against write and hand strain, or fatigue.