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Medical Tourism In Mexico

Medical Tourism In Mexico

Mexico is a country bordered by two countries, Guatemala and Belize to the south and the United States to the north. Within this Mexican territory, is one of the most important and most visited border cities, Tijuana. This small and young city is full of multiculturalism and is mainly due to its proximity to the United States, which causes many foreigners who want to cross and are not successful stay to live in this area. The mixture of different cultures has made it modify to create a new one.

Its proximity to one of the most important countries makes it an essential place for Americans. It is necessary to emphasize that the tourism offered by Mexico is very varied and doesn’t focus on a single theme. Of the most important in terms of economic income is that of adventure, ecological, traditional, and health.

Medical tourism is an elemental factor for the country’s economic income, since of the total number of tourists that enter Mexico, a considerable amount arrive for medical reasons, this to undergo surgeries, for medical and dental care or medications. As mentioned, one of the primary audiences is the U.S., followed by Canadians, to find in this territory specialized treatments, of good quality and more affordable prices. In recent years, the number of tourists who come for this purpose has tripled the numbers, making it the second place for health tourism worldwide.

One of the strongest reasons for the constant visit of tourists is because the procedures are cheaper, this does not mean that the quality decreases. For example, in the dental sector, treatments performed in the United States are twice as expensive as in Mexico, which is why Americans decide to travel in Mexico. Before visiting the country, the person can check the dental price list and compare the monetary expense that must be invested in the desired treatment.

For this type of tourism, usually resort to border cities, where many medical clinics have different packages where you can include transportation and lodging within the price of treatment, just as this type of cities are closer to their homes, facilitating the transfer at the time of checking the status of the procedure.

Another reason they tend to visit border cities is that they accept U.S. insurance. The insurance consists of the company where the person contracted the service is responsible for paying an amount of the procedure that the person needs, for this, the company must be associated with a network of specialists so that the individual can go to these doctors. Although they may have health insurance, some procedures are not covered by the insurer so they should see options where the work can be affordable.

So we can say that if a person wants to undergo surgery or treatment, one of the best options is to make use of medical tourism, where they can go to cities where the boom in this area is at its peak, just like the border city of Tijuana.