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How Can an Uber Accident Lawyer Help Me in a Rideshare Accident?

How Can an Uber Accident Lawyer Help Me in a Rideshare Accident?

If you or a loved one have been injured in an Uber-involved car accident, seeking compensation is significantly more complex than filing suit for a non-rideshare accident. First of all, never accept a settlement from the insurance company until first consulting with a personal injury lawyer specializing in uber accidents. When you contact an Uber accident lawyer you will be speaking to an expert attorney who knows how to navigate the legal system and insurance front lines to get you a significantly higher settlement or claim value. 

This article is intended to help people who have been injured in an Uber accident learn about the value in working with a rideshare attorney, and how an Uber accident lawyer can get injured people significantly more money than an insurance settlement provides. 

Are Uber Drivers Contractors or Employees?

Your ability to get the maximum compensation for an Uber accident will, in part, relly on how the driver is defined: is he an employee or a contractor? Uber drivers are independent contractors. However, this line can get blurred. According to the California Labor Commissioner, all Uber drivers are employees. However, the company insists they are independent contractors.  Being able to define and argue this point alone will weigh on your ability to get a higher claim, and an experienced Uber accident lawyer knows just how to argue such a case. 

This means they choose to work their own hours, and they own their car. A driver clocks into work by activating the app. This has liability implications with insurance coverage based on whether or not the driver is working. 

Uber Passengers Have Legal Rights

When an Uber passenger is injured by their negligent driver, a lawsuit can target a few entities. First, it can go after the driver’s personal insurance policy. Secondly, it can tap into any additional insurance policies the driver might have, and finally it can go right after Uber itself. In some cases, an Uber accident lawyer will seek compensation from all three resources, depending on the situation. If you are involved in an Uber accident, pinning liability can be complicated, but a good Uber accident lawyer in Los Angeles or anywhere for that matter can collect the right evidence and substantiate your claim, as Uber drivers have sworn to ensure the safety of their passengers. 

Uber Accident Statistics

Gathering Uber accident statistics is tricky. For example, Uber’s accident tally shows low rates, but excludes key numbers. Basically, 86 percent of Uber drivers are men, and 54 percent of all Uber drivers are above the age of 54. Retired male drivers are reported as being involved in the most accidents, and Sacramento has more Uber accidents than any other city in California (though Los Angeles is right up there). Sacramento Uber accidents are more related to speed as the top cause, whereas Los Angeles Uber accidents are more related to maneuvers to minimize traffic congestion areas. Regardless, the chance you will get injured in an Uber accident is higher than it was a few years ago simply because roads get busier, and people keep populating larger cities at growing rates. 

Uber Accidents and Insurance Policies

An Uber accident lawyer knows insurance policies and the world of Uber like the back of his hand. Uber has strict rules on liability coverage for their drivers, and this is where having an Uber accident lawyer will really come in handy. Drivers are covered by a $1 million dollar policy, and the company offers uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. The coverage applies when a passenger is in the car, and it will cover any injuries unless it can be proven that the injuries resulted in an isolated event prior to the accident. Also, Uber drivers are required to have their own insurance policies, and the company’s policy only activates when the app is running and the driver has a fare. With all of these factors in play, and considering the fact that California has a law that defines rideshare insurance policies in three periods, having an Uber accident lawyer on your side will quicken and simplify your path to getting compensation, while ensuring you get the highest possible amount without being taken advantage of by Uber or the insurance companies. 

See a Doctor, then Call an Uber Accident Lawyer

If you are injured in an Uber accident, see a doctor immediately, as your health is the most important thing to consider. Then call an Uber accident lawyer like one from Jacoby and Meyers, and ask for a free consultation. You should understand your legal rights, know what your claim is worth, and learn how the Uber accident lawyer works to ensure you get the highest compensation, and are not left with any devastating medical bills. An educated injury victim who knows how the law works will get the highest settlement, so seek out an Uber accident lawyer today!