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Fat Removal Devices

Fat Removal Devices

Many women and men constantly struggle with weight loss, requiring procedures such as the tummy tuck Tijuana to eliminate those areas where higher percentages of fat are found, which generally can be very difficult to combat with exercise or a specific diet. But, indeed, many people do not want to undergo surgery, so they resort to less invasive treatments.

We all know that technology has allowed the development of new techniques to facilitate different procedures, well, in the aesthetic area, has also generated the presence of various methods that are aimed at the removal of localized fat. In this article, we will mention some devices that have allowed the loss of adipocyte deposits to become a reality.

Shape Sailing

What is Vela Shape?

Well, Vela Shape is a device that works using radio frequency and infrared rays so that you can heat the area to be worked on and thus destroy the fat deposits. By using the heat in the area to be treated, it is not only possible to reduce the percentage of adipocytes but also generates the production of collagen and improves the channels of circulation and lymphatic drainage, thus improving the aesthetics of the skin and eliminating toxins found in the body.

Why use Vela Shape as a treatment?

The benefits obtained with the use of Vela Shape are multiple, starting first with the elimination of percentages of fat that can be reflected in the loss of 1 to 3 centimeters in a single session. As well as a better appearance in the skin thanks to the production of collagen that allows maintaining the skin in a firmer and more toned state. The problem of cellulite can be fought thanks to the heat transmitted by the technology of Vela Shape.

Vela Shape is a device that has been used in different clinics for over one year, so it is a very safe procedure that does not cause pain and does not require recovery time. On the other hand, it is the first session where the results can be seen, so once the treatment is finished, the patient will be able to obtain a more toned body with less localized fat.


Another device that has been implemented in several clinics is Zerona, which is a high-tech device that allows the removal of fat.

What is Zerona?

It is a device that allows the doctor or the person who is performing the treatment to fight the localized fat found in some areas of the body. As it is not an invasive treatment, it has gained much popularity in both male and female patients.

How does Zerona work?

Zerona works with the use of several cold laser terminals that, when placed in the area to be worked on, allow the destruction of the fat in the area, as well as the body volume caused by adipocyte deposits. To work with this tool, the person will lie down on the stretcher, and the device will be placed at an optimal distance. This treatment can last approximately 40 minutes and can be applied to areas such as the abdomen, legs, arms, back, practically in those parts of the body that cost more to remove fat.

To have better results, it is advisable to have several sessions so that the person can see results, of course, this depends a lot on the proportion of the body. The results can be seen between the third and fourth weeks of the procedure.